In the late 70’s, a small group of young men on their 2-stroke café racers used to hang around Lorong 27, Geylang, in between chasing skirts and tearing up the asphalt. When big-capacity tourers became available in the early 80’s, they experimented with these machines and were soon hooked on long distance rides.

Their initial rides were to destinations in Peninsula Malaysia. And as their confidence grew, they ventured further north and finally hit Thailand. Realizing that longer rides need a little more organization, this group of bikers decided to form a club to facilitate their rides. Thus, on 27 May 1985, Team 27 Motorcycle Club was born……. Welcome to Team 27...

From that day in 1985 Team 27 has come a long way having toured all over Asia from China to India, the club now has members from all over the world. Team 27's mission is to promote riding to the youth by touring and hosting events with local celebrities. In 2006 the club increased its reach into China by hosting an event with philipenes born star Reggie Lee, while in 2010 the club hosted an event in Hyderebad, India with movie stars John Abraham and Ranveer Singh.

On the 27th of every month, the club holds a members'nite for all members and friends at No. 1230, Upper Thomson Road. This is a great networking opportunity for biking enthusiasts

The club has evolved over the years, in tune with time & technology. However, the principles & rules set by the founders years ago are still held sacred. Membership to the club is still by invitation only, and certain criteria have to be met before induction.

The club strives to bring quality to the rides and events for its members and friends. Team 27 aspires to bring touring on bikes to a higher level, and to offer another facet to the alternative lifestyle.

Life is a journey.


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