In the 70’s, Singapore was infested by many groups of young people roaming the streets on their 2-strokes. With the availability of big touring models in the 80’s, some of these young men experimented with the bigger machines and discovered that they could see more of the world when sitting upright then hunched over their handlebars. One group in particular were so enthralled by the experience when they rode north on these tourers that they shifted their focus to touring. To facilitate the rides, this band of men got themselves organised and formed a club. Thus, on 27 May 1985, Team 27 Motorcycle Club was born.

Team 27 was founded upon a foundation of friendship and shared-experience.  The founders were good friends already, having spent the late 70’s together chasing skirts, having fun and riding. The club’s name was derived from their hangout at Lorong 27, a little enclave in the perpetually-controversial and ever-colourful Geylang area.

Members of the club toured Thailand & Malaysia and made a lot of friends in both countries. As the club gained confidence and became more adventurous, the trips went further & further into Malaysia and Thailand. It was during one of these trips to Thailand that the 3 Nation Charity Ride was conceived.

In 1994, the club successfully organised a ride in China. A convoy of 43 big bikes rode from Beijing to Shanghai. This campaign beat a similar French attempt by a narrow margin, and became the first organized bike rally in China.

Through the years, Team 27 has been involved in numerous bike events both at home and abroad. Of notable success are the annual 3 Nation Charity Ride abroad and the Chingay Parade at home in Singapore. The club is intimately involved and highly influential in these campaigns. However, other events and rides too received as much support & enthusiasm from the club. As long as the event involves bikes and have a worthy cause, Team 27 will continue to offer support.

Team 27 is also an official International Ticket Outlet for MotoGP races at Sepang International Circuit.

The club has gone through three changes of leaderships. The first club president was Pang, followed by Eddie Keng and since 2005, Team 27 has been helmed by Peter Poh.

This club has evolved over the years, in tune with time & technology. However, the principles & rules set by the founders years ago are still held sacred. Membership to the club is still by invitation only, and certain criteria have to be met before induction.
Team 27 now houses itself at Woody Green, No. 1230, Upper Thomson Road, Singapore.

The club strives to bring quality to the rides and events for its members and friends. Team 27 aspires to bring touring on bikes to a higher level, and to offer another facet to the alternative lifestyle. So, let’s hit the road.

Life is a journey.

Team 27 Committee 2006



In 1994, we organised our most challenging event. This was the first successful foreign bike group to be given permission by the Chinese Interior Ministry to ride as a group in China. In all 43 motorcycles in 11 twenty foot containers were shipped to Tianjin China for a 16 days ride from Beijing to Shanghai. The actual planning and sponsorship took almost a year. Nearly 2000 police and army personnel were deployed to assist in this rally to ensure safety and security of the participants and machines through the many villages and cities. Many major international sponsors supported this event.



The successful 3 Nation Charity Ride has been held annually since 1994. This event is jointly organised by co-founders Team Hanuman, Thailand, Penang Motor Sports Club, Super Bikers Club Malaysia and Team 27, Singapore. Each year, one of the founders will take charge of the event the other three will assist in the preparation. The four founders take turns heading the event, choosing the venue and charity homes.

Click here to visit 3 Nation Charity Ride website


CHINGAY 1999 & 2005:

We were invited by the People's Association to perform at this prestigious annual event. It was the first time that bikers were invited to perform at this event. Altogether 30 of our members and associate bikers were gathered for this event. Dancers from Australia participated with the bikers. The program was well received by the audience. The event was telecast live over national television.
We were again invited to perform in 2005, this time with fifty motorcycles. It was also hugely successful.



In 2007, Team 27 organised a motorcycle exhibition called Big Bikes @ Millenia Walk, or BBMW for short. Millenia Walk was, and still is, an up-market shopping mall in downtown Singapore’s Suntec City. Although none of the club’s members were professional Event Organiser, the club felt that the collective quality, expertise and passion (plus lots of guts & gumption) of the members were good enough to see the challenge. Various big brands from the industry came to participate in what turn out to be a highly successful and well-organised motorcycle exhibition at the time. The Singapore Motor Cycle Trade Association (or SMCTA), an organisation of motorcycle traders in Singapore, with close working link with the Transport Authority, was impressed by the organisation & execution of this event, and gave due accolade. And more importantly, so did the bikers, and others who visited the exhibition. It was not commercial gains that Team 27 was looking for, but the challenge to break new grounds. A door has been opened for other bikers to venture. To date, in Singapore, no motorcycle club has repeated this performance. It was an event organised FOR BIKERS, BY BIKERS.

The domain had expired in early 2011 and was subsequently restored from the GoDaddy Auctions. While the domain was being re-acquired, the team27 club website was not available for a few months.

This is held on the 27th of every month for members and their friends. All are welcome to visit. We are located at No. 1230, Upper Thomson Road. Please feel free to drop by after 9pm and have a chat. Do send us an email first, though.

Club President Peter Poh    
Vice President Albert Oon    
Honorary Secretary Jack Sim    
Asst. Secretary Derrick King
Treasurer Long Ai Kok
Asst. Treasurer Kor Johnlim    
Rides - Local Leroy Chan    
Rides - Malaysia Sean Lee    
Rides - Thailand Poh Chee Woon    

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